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Biocompatibility Testing

Biocompatibility is an important aspect of biological dentistry. Biocompatibility refers to the ability of a substance to live within the body without harm. This is relevant to all dental materials. Demonstrated in multiple research documents, dental materials have the potential to greatly affect health and wellness. Amalgam is a prime example of this fact.
A highly biocompatible material should successfully fulfill its intended purpose without adverse effects in oral tissue or in the body. Biocompatibility testing determines the risk of toxicity of a substance and its potential to cause a reaction in each individual patient.
Placing a dental material without first assessing its compatibility with your unique chemistry is essentially guesswork. The biocompatibility testing performed in our Tucson office is a convenient way to ensure that we customize your dental care according to your body.
Dr. Krizman uses both the Clifford biocompatibility test and the MELISA test. Each is conducted from a simple blood draw. In the Clifford Consulting and Research lab, your blood sample will be assessed for antibodies that indicate sensitivity to different materials. Results of the Clifford biocompatibility test are compiled into a list of materials suitable for your dental care. The MELISA test investigates whether your blood serum shows a delayed response to metals such as gold, titanium and others.
If you have existing amalgam fillings, you may be interested in mercury level testing. We offer the assessment from Quicksilver Scientific. This test is significant because it is the only one that differentiates between methyl mercury and inorganic mercury load. The measurements obtained in mercury testing allow us to assess not only true mercury load but also your body's ability to excrete each form of the heavy metal. The test will help us formulate the best approach to your personal detoxification program.
Dental care has an enormous effect on your health and wellness. Learn more about materials testing when you visit our Tucson office.
In the biological dental office of Dr. Krizman, Tucson patients receive the benefits of dental care done after biocompatibility testing. Call 520-326-0082 today.


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