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Root canals

Tucson Biological Dentistry

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"Professional, expert, excellent bedside manner
Dr Krizman pulled a tooth and took care of another one when I was in real need. She and her caring and knowledgeable staff paid attention to everything I said, every detail required- and then some. I was thoroughly educated about a botched root canal that no other dentist had spotted for 15 years- the source of much ill health over the years and lovingly prepared for the procedure. I even got a personal phone call from the doctor the day after! I am impressed by the holistic understanding and how my sensitivities and concerns were honoured and appreciated. I have been referring people ever since!
Tucson Root canals for Patient Infection in the center of teeth has been treated with root canal therapy for many years. Some patients have the misperception that this procedure is painful and prefer to avoid it. Biological dentists seek alternatives, although for other reasons. As a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, Dr. Jeanne Anne Krizman is selective in her use of this method.

Why root canal therapy may be necessary

Beneath the teeth are vital structures through which blood and nutrients are supplied. When infection develops in the pulp of a tooth, removing internal tissue is viewed as the best way to save the tooth. Conventional root canal therapy focuses on the main root areas, which can be insufficient. There are literally miles of accessory canals that extend out from the main canals of every tooth. Removal of active infection in these primary areas and subsequent sterilization, is simply not able to fully eradicate the presence of unhealthy organisms.
Typically, sterilization of emptied root canals is achieved with a liquid solution. This limits its reach and does not consider the natural structural makeup of the tooth. When accessory canals are not sterilized, there is a concern for secondary infection, which can lead to unhealthy cavitations.
As a biological dentist, Dr. Krizman believes that root canals are not beneficial to overall health, so she does not perform the procedure in her office. She does believe in patient’s having the choice in choosing the procedure that is best for them. If patients would like to have a root canal procedure, she will refer patients to an endodontist.
Root canal therapy is not right for every person or situation. In some cases, there is a need to extract a diseased tooth. Dr. Krizman is thoughtful in her recommendations for care and takes time to explain all viable treatment options so you can feel confident in your choice of dental care.
For integrative dentistry that promotes whole-body wellness, call 520-326-0082.
Root canal therapy may be necessary to remove deep infection. In the Tucson office of Dr. Krizman, we improve the final outcome of care with ozone. 520-326-0082.


Tucson Biological Dentistry
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Rating: 5 5 Star Rating Review, Reviews Tucson
Reviews Tucson - Left Quote Top notch staff and services. I'm so happy to have found Dr Krizman and her team of highly skilled professionals who are genuinely interested in helping people with their dental and overall health. They treat the whole person and use the latest technology and techniques to do this. I feel well cared for in each visit. Reviews Tucson - Right Quote
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