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Crowns and Bridges

Tucson Biological Dentistry

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"Dr. Krizman is an excellent and highly skilled biological dentist. She is trustworthy, honest, integral and very professional, yet she is approachable and exudes compassion and caring for each of her patients. I trust her implicitly, with no reservations to gently guide me along my path to a healthier dental state. She is impeccable with her word and exact and precise with her work to ensure each patient moves to a place of better dental health leading to an overall healthier physical state. I enjoy each of my exams and treatments with her and her staff in their soothing mid-town dental office. If you are seeking a pleasurable, healing experience with a dentist using integrative modalities that are more bio-compatible with your body, Dr. Jeanne Anne Krizman is your new dentist! ."
Tooth Crown Tucson - Dental Bridges Crowns and bridges are invaluable restorations in dentistry and have been for a very long time. Over several decades of innovation, the techniques and materials used to complete tooth repair and replacement with these methods have improved significantly. Crowns and bridges designed in our Tucson practice consider the full extent of your needs, from esthetics to cost to longevity.
Dr. Krizman works with various materials for crowns and bridges. She prefers the e.max® system for lifelike, durable restorations that last. Made from monolithic lithium disilicate ceramic, e.max® restorations possess the specific characteristics that allow them to blend into the smile. Inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges appear translucent and reflective while providing the fit and durability you need for comfort and functionality.
Tooth Crown Tucson - Dental Crowns

Dental crowns

A crown may be necessary when a tooth has been badly damaged. In some cases, a crown serves a cosmetic purpose only. Dr. Krizman also works with all porcelain crowns, high-quality gold crowns, and porcelain fused to metal crowns.

Inlays and onlays

In the past, a tooth that could not be repaired with a filling would require a full dental crown. Today, it is possible to treat damage with precision restorations appropriate for each situation. Inlays and onlays could be called indirect fillings or even partial crowns. These restorations are made in a dental lab from a model of your tooth. An inlay is smaller, fitting within the cusps of tooth structure. Onlays are designed to repair damage that has extended over one or more cusps. These restorations are bonded to the chewing surface of the tooth, creating strength and durability for years.


Tooth loss is an issue to address quickly. If a space is left between two teeth or at the very back of the mouth, other teeth will shift. This may affect the bite. When there is a gap, it is also likely that you will favor the opposite side of the mouth when chewing. Ultimately, this will place too much stress on the joints and muscles of the jaw, potentially leading to uncomfortable symptoms of TMJ.
A dental bridge is a proven restoration that provides a solution to tooth loss. This prosthesis is made based on a model of your mouth. The fixed bridge looks like three or more separate teeth. Each individual "tooth" is made to fit against the opposing tooth. The crowns are bonded to the teeth adjacent to the empty space. This design anchors the artificial tooth or teeth in place.
Tooth replacement may also be performed with dental implants. During your consultation, Dr. Krizman will discuss all available options so you may make an informed decision about your dental care.
Restorative dentistry considers the natural oral structure and dental materials. Dr. Krizman makes recommendations carefully and often after biocompatibility testing. This decreases the chance of adverse reaction to dental materials.
We are happy to answer your questions about dental crowns and bridges or any other service offered in our Tucson office. Call 520-326-0082 today.
Repairing teeth is serious business to Tucson dentist Dr. Krizman. Crowns, bridges and other restorations are designed for lasting results. 520-326-0082.


Tucson Biological Dentistry
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