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Tucson Biological Dentistry

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"I can't believe the difference I felt after one ozone treatment. My pain was immediately better."
We find ozone as an invaluable aspect of patient care. Ozone is a natural derivative of oxygen that is commonly associated with pollution. As such, many people believe that it is "bad." In fact, ozone's link to pollution is its cleansing effect on the environment. This substance has amazing power when applied in a controlled environment. Ozone has been widely used in clinical applications and has a proven history of success.
The therapeutic use of ozone began in the 1870s, when it was used by Dr. C. Lender to purify blood cells in a laboratory setting. Since that time, we have seen it used in the treatment of hepatitis, sinusitis, allergies, acne, cellulitis, rheumatoid arthritis, AIDS, osteomyelitis, oral infections, and more.
Ozone is immensely beneficial in the treatment of disease. This substance stimulates the body's natural immunity while promoting optimal circulation for tissue healing. When ozone contacts unhealthy cells, it produces a reaction referred to as a transient oxidative burst. Healthy cells are not affected, only those that pose a threat to optimal wellness, such as bacteria, fungi and viruses.
In our dental office, we use ozone in a number of preventive and restorative procedures.
  • An ozone oral rinse makes an excellent pre-treatment disinfectant.
  • Ozonated water or gas is well-suited to periodontal therapy, cavity repair, and root canals.
  • Administered as an oral rinse or insufflated into periodontal pockets, ozone quickly destroys pathogens, halting the progression of disease and decay.
  • In root canal therapy, ozone is one of the best agents to permeate accessory canals, improving the outcome of this procedure.
  • Depending on the extent of disease, Dr. Krizman may also administer ozone through custom-fit trays that facilitate optimal absorption.
  • Ozone may be incorporated into the treatment of cavitations as a sterilizing agent.
Dr. Jeanne Anne Krizman has an extensive educational background in health and wellness beyond her dental degree. Her focus on whole-body treatments is complemented by the powerful effects of ozone on oral disease.
Contact our office for conservative, natural solutions to your dental concerns.
Ozone is one of the best anti-bacterial agents to be used in biological dentistry. Reap the benefits when you visit Dr. Krizman's Tucson office. 520-326-0082.


Tucson Biological Dentistry
Rating:5 5 Star Rating Review, Ozone Tucson

Ozone Tucson - Left QuoteI have received very good care by Dr. Krizman and her office for the many needs I have had in the last 6 months. I honestly do not know what I would have done had I not found her. I appreciate her biological/integrative approach to dentistry, her technical expertise, her kindness and that of her staff. She has gone out of her way to explain things thoroughly and given me clear options and additional help when I needed it. She is very detailed and careful in her work. I highly recommend her.Ozone Tucson - Right Quote
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