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Tucson, AZ holistic dentist offers all-natural dental fear calming solutions

Tooth Crown Tucson - Dental Bridges Daily life provides enough stressors. Dr. Jeanne Anne Krizman DMD MPH believes visits to the dentist should not contribute. She offers all-natural dental fear calming solutions that help patients in the Tucson, AZ area look forward to appointments. This level of stress relief is part of her commitment to the wellbeing of the whole patient - mouth, body, and mind.

NuCalm for dental anxiety

Are you nervous about dental visits? NuCalm is a drug-free alternative to sedation that helps you relax. This multi-faceted approach to stress management begins with nutrients and amino acids that naturally counteract adrenalin. Gentle microcurrent stimulation interrupts stress responses, balancing brain neurochemistry. NuCalm headphones transmit your choice of pleasant neuroacoustic sounds that guide brainwave function to a relaxed state. A light-blocking eye mask eliminates visual stimuli. The combination contributes to a deep level of calm with benefits that reach far beyond the dental chair. When your mind relaxes, your body follow suit, so treatment is performed efficiently with less strain on mouth and body, for faster recovery and a persisting refreshed sense of wellbeing.
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Essential oils

Essential oils are a revolutionary stress management technique with ancient roots. They are organic compounds derived from flowers, bark, seeds, stems, roots, and other plant parts, with distinctive scents that stimulate emotional and physical wellness. Dr. Krizman can create a calming essential oil blend just for you.

Some of the options offered at Tucson Biological Dentistry include:
  • Essential oils for stress
  • Essential oils for stress headaches
  • Essential oils for stress - dōTerra’s Serenity Blend
  • Essential oils for anxiety and panic attacks
  • Essential oils for relaxation and sleep
  • Essential oils for anger
  • Essential oils for depression
Enjoy the benefits during dental treatment and take some home for continued stress relief.
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Buzzies are gentle, wearable stress management. These devices use TouchPoints BLAST (bi-lateral alternating stimulation delivered tactile) technology - alternating vibrations - to reset functioning of the nervous system. Buzzies for anxiety work by reducing excess beta brainwave activity, aiding in management of problems with sleep, mental focus, and craving.
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Schedule a visit to Tucson Biological Dentistry for anxiety-free dental care, daily stress management, and all-natural sleep solutions. The number is 520-326-0082.


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