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Tucson Biological Dentistry Now Offers the OligoScan Test for Improved Oral Health

What does the OligoScan test do
  • Real-time results
  • Fast and convenient
  • Completely painless
  • Performed in the office, not at a lab
  • No blood or urine sample required
  • Cost-effective at $185

What is the OligoScan test and what does it do?

OligoScan is an advanced device that allows practitioners to test patients for mineral imbalances and heavy metals. It is an innovative test that uses spectrophotometry to send light through the tissue measuring the real-time levels of trace elements, minerals, and heavy metals in the body. This test produces the fastest turnaround time for results. The test results are immediate. This non-invasive scan is performed quickly and easily in the office.

How is the test completed?

OligoScan is a painless, non-invasive scan of the hand that is completed in just a few moments. The scan is based on the concept that each chemical compound emits, absorbs, or reflects a specific wavelength of light. The OligoScan device transmits light through tissues at four points on your hand. It measures the optical density of heavy metals, minerals, and trace elements present in skin and blood vessels in real time.

Why should I have the OligoScan completed?

The presence of too much or too little of any nutrient or toxic metal can have harmful effects on the mouth and teeth, and may contribute to oral disease and infection.

Mineral imbalances are common today due to the lack of minerals in the soil, use of processed foods, and consumption of acid-related foods. It is nearly impossible to avoid exposure to toxins present in the air, water, and food. Since the OligoScan checks the mineral status of patients in real time, practitioners can determine the mineral and nutritional needs of patients.

How do the results of Oligoscan compare to other laboratory tests?

In short, they don’t. The OligoScan measures on an intracellular level. Blood tests show recently circulated metals. Within a few days, metals move from the bloodstream to the tissue. Therefore, blood may only be an accurate toxic metal test in acute situations. Blood levels of minerals and trace elements remain fairly constant. For example, patients with muscle cramps may have normal magnesium levels on blood tests, but the OligoScan may show an intracellular magnesium deficiency.
A urinalysis only shows the levels of excreted metals. A normal urine sample rarely has excreted metals or toxins. The body must be provoked to show increased concentrations in the urine such as during a challenge test. With this test, results show what is present extracellularly. Since the OligoScan measures intracellularly, it complements this challenge test.
Analyzing a hair sample shows what has been present in the last few months but is not an accurate depiction of what is actively going on in the body. If the body cannot detoxify properly, low level of metals may be present in the hair. This produces a false-negative result when there may still be metals present in the body.
To get the results of hair, urine, or blood samples, you have to wait for a couple weeks. OligoScan provides results immediately.
Dr. Krizman recommends the OligoScan to improve oral health. Take a proactive step in protecting your dental health today. Contact our Tucson, AZ office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jeanne Anne Krizman DMD. Call 520-326-0082.
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