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HealthyStart®: The "no-braces" way to straighten children’s teeth and promote airway function

Healthy Start Treatments for Kids at Tucson Biological Dentistry Tucson Biological Dentistry can straighten your child’s teeth without braces! Led by Dr. Jeanne Anne Krizman DMD, MPH, our talented team supports the overall health and well-being of individuals throughout southern Arizona with safe, convenient, comfortable, and hassle-free dental solutions. The HealthyStart® System is a great addition to our office because it naturally realigns teeth and promotes healthy breathing in a way that is:
  • Not invasive
  • Non-pharmacological
  • Painless

Compromised and Developed Airway, Treatments at Tucson Biological Dentistry Just what is the “magic” behind HealthyStart®, you ask? Rooted in 54-plus years of research and development, this system is a risk-free and affordable alternative to interventions such as surgery and traditional orthodontic treatment with braces.

Treatment with HealthyStart® begins earlier in life than other orthodontic options, including clear aligners. HealthyStart® uses a series of aligners to guide young children’s still-developing teeth into their proper positions. In turn, Dr. Jeanne Anne Krizman DMD, MPH, considers these appliances a “natural” method to straighten teeth. So your child can avoid wearing braces later in life!

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Furthermore, HealthyStart® aligners are easy-to-wear and fast. Children simply bite into the aligner that corresponds with their treatment. Unlike fixed (non-removable) braces, HealthyStart® devices are not meant to be worn every second of the day. While every child is unique, each treatment plan is one of a kind. Generally, children sleep in their aligners. They do not wear them during the day. When worn as directed, 7-year-old patients could straighten their teeth and avoid braces altogether by the time they celebrate their 10th or 11th birthday! The idea is to wear these appliances until the permanent teeth have erupted or broke through the gums.

Healthy Start Treatments at Tucson Biological Dentistry In addition, this system has the added benefit of correcting oral habits. Poor oral posture and other behaviors can promote the development of malocclusion (misaligned or crooked teeth) and an array of side effects associated with SDB (Sleep-Disordered Breathing). In correcting functional issues, we resolve the myriad, life-altering symptoms of SDB – not limited to persistent fatigue, irritability, chronic headaches, and hyperactivity. So, HealthyStart® is versatile in resolving SDB, misalignment, and related oral habits to ease symptoms today and avoid future problems.

Dr. Krizman feels so strongly about this innovative system that her own son uses it! The Tucson Biological Dentistry team can be reached at (520) 326-0082. We welcome your call.


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