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Biomimetic dentistry: Conservative care in Tucson, AZ

Biomimetic dentistry services from dentist in Tucson, AZ, conservation of tooth structure doing onlay and inlays vs full crown Biomimetic dentistry helps to keep natural teeth as healthy as possible. Patients come from far beyond the Tucson, AZ area for this level of integrative biological care from Dr. Jeanne Anne Krizman.

Basics of biomimetic dentistry

The core concept is preserving natural tooth structure. The approach is to strengthen and protect teeth that are weakened in any way. Here are a few examples of how biomimetic treatment differs from conventional dentistry:
  • Traditional fillings commonly crack and leak, allowing harmful bacteria to invade inner tooth tissues. As a biomimetic dentist, Dr. Krizman uses a technique that requires less removal of tooth structure, and seals against bacterial invasion. These advanced filling materials also provide the strongest possible bond.
  • Rather than cutting a decayed or fractured tooth down for placement of a crown, special adhesive materials are used to build up compromised structure.
  • Root canal therapy - Leakage of toxins from root canals is linked to a myriad of oral and systemic health problems. Biomimetic fillings rarely fail, thus avoiding root canal treatment.
If you believe that healthy tooth structure should not be destroyed to accommodate restorations, you are a good candidate for biomimetic dentistry. Call Tucson Biological Dentistry at 520-326-0082. Biomimetic dentistry workflow


Tucson Biological Dentistry
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