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Frenectomy for tongue and lip ties Tucson, AZ

Tucson Biological Dentistry Intergrative Biological Dentistry

Rating: 5 Dental Implants Brentwood - 5 Star Rating Review

"My son was just a few weeks old and struggling to feed from both breast and bottle when we were referred to Dr. Krizman for assessment of his lip and tongue ties. His pediatrician had clipped both with scissors when he was one week (lip) and two weeks (tongue) old. I was never given post-procedure instructions and as a result both places reattached. Dr. Krizman saw us less than 24 hours after I made the initial phone call. I can't emphasize enough how knowledgeable, gentle, and caring she is! I was very much at ease with her and her staff - I was very nervous to bring in my baby after the two unsuccessful procedures. She used the laser to release both tongue and lip ties in a very quick procedure. He healed so quickly and with the help of the arnica she prescribed, I believe he was relatively comfortable. Dr. Krizman gave extensive follow up instructions - unlike our (former) pediatrician. Our experience was amazing and I am so thankful to Dr. Krizman! "

Tucson Biological Dentistry Intergrative Biological Dentistry

Rating: 5 Dental Implants Brentwood - 5 Star Rating Review

"I had tried to breastfeed all of my babies but was never able get past a few weeks due to the pain. When I had my 4th baby I was determined to breast feed him. At 3 weeks old we found out he had a posterior tongue and lip tie. Dr. Krizman was fantastic! She took so much time with us and explained the procedure and after care so well! She is a mom who breastfed her babies and really empathized with my desire to keep nursing my son. I am happy to report he is 5 months old now and we are still breastfeeding! Such a wonderful feeling. Thanks Dr. Krizman!"

Tucson Biological Dentistry Intergrative Biological Dentistry

Rating: 5 Dental Implants Brentwood - 5 Star Rating Review

"Dr. Krizman and everyone in her office are amazing. We delivered a baby boy in May and quickly realized that we had an uphill battle to establish breastfeeding because of his tongue and lip-tie. Dr. Krizman came highly recommended by the TMC Lactation Consultants. When we called for an appointment her staff got us in right away, recognizing that every day in the beginning of a baby's life when breastfeeding is not going well feels like forever for the mother and father of the little one. Dr. Krizman is a mother herself and completely gets the big picture of why breastfeeding is so important for babies' health and the mother-baby bonding experience. She released our son's tongue and lip tie, and then when they reattached she re-did the procedure free of charge (as part of the initial package). The second time was the charm and we have been thriving since. We would not be where we are today, holding our chubby, happy, beautiful, exclusive ly-breastfed three-month old son without Dr. Krizman and her fabulous staff! We have now recommended her to two of our dear friends and they too have had fabulous experiences. Thank you, thank you, thank you !"

Tucson Biological Dentistry Intergrative Biological Dentistry

Rating: 5 Dental Implants Brentwood - 5 Star Rating Review

"My little baby boy was severely lip & tongue-tied from birth. It affected breastfeeding from the start. Though he latched he had to work extra hard to nurse. After 1 week, my nipples were open because of the hard suck and the force from that split them. It took 2 weeks to heal completely from that. Literally, immediately after the release, he nursed and it was pain free! OMG! Awesome. We did the tongue massages were done every 4 hours for 4 weeks.

He must be a fast healing, and it is unusual for a release to reconnect, it happened to us. I called Dr. Krizman when he was 2 months old because I felt the latch 'tightening' and he needed a re-released of his tongue. For the second release she did so without charge. He didn't tolerate the release as well as he did in his 1st week of life, and we had to syringe feed because he never had taken a bottle and he didn't want to use his tongue,that night and he was fussy, but it did make a big difference. I was consistent with the massages again and he re-connect a little bit but nothing that affected our breastfeeding relationship!

The only recommendations I have for other clients is get a 'pre-approval' from your insurance so you can submit the insurance voucher Dr. Krizman's gives her clients. totally worth it and I don't have time to drive to PHX to see Dr Agarwal and gladly footed the bill.

Thank You Dr. Krizman! We will be back for Dental work for ourselves!"

Tucson Biological Dentistry Intergrative Biological Dentistry

Rating: 5 Dental Implants Brentwood - 5 Star Rating Review

"We found out that our daughter hds both lip and tongue ties when she was about 6 weeks old. We are living in Albuquerque, NM at the time and no one here was able to release her ties with a laser. I called Krizmen Dental on a Monday and they wanted to get us in the very next day since Dr Krizman was going out of town on Wednesday. Since we lives 7 hours away, this wasn't possible for us. But Dr. Krizman was willing to see us before she left for vacation on Wednesday morning! We got there and were greeted with the kindest staff. Jeanne evaluated our daughter and confirmed the ties. She explained how the procedure worked and the after care. Knowing that we were getting on the road to come back home right after, she gave us a small supply of coconut oil and a sample of Arnica. She even sent me a text to see how things were healing while she was on vacation!! She is an amazing Dr., and I can't wait to see her when we move to AZ next year!"

Tucson Biological Dentistry Intergrative Biological Dentistry

Rating: 5 Dental Implants Brentwood - 5 Star Rating Review

"We brought my son to Dr. Krizman when he was about 2-3 months old when a Lactation consultant thought his poor latch and poor weight gain might be attributed to a tongue tie. He had a severe tongue and lip tie that had to be released in 4 places. Before his frenectomy, he was unable to latch without getting tons of air and discomfort for him and I during feedings. He also could not latch onto the bottle. Dr. Krizman was awesome!!! She uses a laser which causes minimal bleeding. She showed me his severe tongue and lip tie before surgery. After surgery, I noticed a huge difference with his first feeding! He could finally get a deep latch! He also could finally latch on to the bottle. Dr. Krizman gives you coconut oil to help with the tongue and lip stretches and some homeopathic drops for pain. The surgery was not a huge deal, my son had discomfort from it for the first day but was fine after. The hardest part about it all was the stretches that we had to do afterwards. After his tongue tie release, I immediately could see that he had far more mobility with his tongue and could touch the roof of his mouth with it. Something he definitely could not do before. I HIGHLY recommend Dr.Krizman. Her office is very clean, staff is very knowledgable and kind."

Frenectomy for tongue and lip ties Tucson, AZ Difficult breastfeeding is a common frustration, with several potential causes. One of the most common is a condition known as tongue tie or lip tie, which inhibit a baby’s ability to latch. Fortunately, this is easily corrected with a frenectomy, which is a simple oral surgery available at Tucson Biological Dentistry in Tucson, AZ.

What is a frenectomy procedure?

Inside the mouth, there are small tissue bands, known as frena. They are found inside the lip and under the tongue. When healthy, they both support and limit movement. However, it is common for a baby to be born with an abnormally thick or tight frenulum, which can cause discomfort and problems nursing. If not corrected, it can inhibit speech development. This condition is commonly known as tongue tie or lip tie. Frenectomy is a very minor oral surgery that removes excess tissue, restoring proper functionality of the frena.

About tongue tie

Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Tucson - Tongue Tie When the frenulum below the tongue is too tight, its mobility is limited. You might notice a heart shape or cupped appearance when the baby’s tongue is lifted. A child with this problem has difficulty getting his or her tongue under the nipple when nursing, which is necessary to create suction.
In older children, tongue tie may interfere with chewing, because moving food around the mouth may be difficult. it can also cause articulation problems, meaning the child may not properly pronounce words.

About lip tie

Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Tucson - Lip Tie The lip is not able to move freely when the frenulum behind it is too stiff or thick. This can prevent an infant from flanging the upper lip when nursing. Additionally, the upper lip might appear unnaturally taut or stiff.
As teeth erupt, untreated lip tie can increase the risk of cavities. That is because milk becomes trapped behind the lip, effectively holding it against the teeth. When the frenulum affects the palette or is attached too close to the ridge, it can impact tooth development. This condition sometimes causes a gap between the front teeth, known as diastema.

Does your child need a frenectomy?

It is normal to see the frenulum below the tongue or inside the lip when you look in a baby’s mouth. This connective tissue is naturally present and usually not problematic. In some cases, even an infant with tongue or lip tie does not experience negative symptoms.
There are two important questions to consider when determining if frenulum is causing problems:
  • Is the baby having difficulty getting enough milk?
  • Is nursing uncomfortable for mom?
If the answer to either of these questions is “yes,” then it’s time to visit your pediatrician or lactation consultant or visit our office for an examination.

Symptoms of tongue or lip tie

When the mother is breastfeeding, her and the baby may exhibit symptoms. Infant’s symptoms:
  • Inability to suckle a pacifier or bottle
  • Chewing on, or “gumming,” the nipple when nursing
  • Needing to eat more frequently than normal
  • Poor weight gain
  • Symptoms of reflux, colic, or both
  • Acting frustrated when nursing
  • Falls asleep or loses grip when nursing
  • Generally poor latch when feeding
Mother’s symptoms:
  • Mastitis or plugged ducts
  • Incomplete drainage of the breast
  • Discomfort to extreme pain when the baby tries to latch
  • Blistered, bruised, or cracked nipples
  • Blanched, flattened, or creased nipples after nursing

About the procedure

Laser frenectomy is typically a very straightforward, uncomplicated and fast procedure. Dr. Krizman and her team make every effort to deliver comfortable care for patients of all ages, with a special emphasis on gentleness when treating infants. Before beginning treatment, we will apply a numbing gel topically to minimize discomfort.
We perform the procedure in our dedicated laser treatment room, and it takes just a few moments. Your child is returned to you immediately after treatment. You are free to bottle-feed, nurse, cuddle, or otherwise comfort your baby.
The procedure is well tolerated and quick healing for most babies, though some crying, and fussing is normal. In some cases, there may be a small amount of bleeding, which is harmless. However, you should be aware that infants who inadvertently swallow a bit of blood might have brown stools or spit-ups.
The benefits of laser frenectomy, as opposed to other surgical techniques, include:
  • Less tissue trauma than electrosurgery
  • Less bleeding than scissors (sometimes no bleeding)
  • Targeted tissue is removed completely
  • Local anesthetic injections are not needed
  • Better visibility facilitates enhanced precision
  • Fast and efficient

Post treatment care

We recommend natural treatments to control pain. This may include Hyland’s Teething Gel, Orajel Naturals, or Arnia. For children over six months of age, you can also use ibuprofen or Tylenol.
Recovery is generally fast, because oral tissues can heal very quickly. However, that rapid healing can cause reattachment, resulting in new mobility limitation and a return of symptoms. In order to prevent this, you will need to perform simple stretching exercises with the infant.
Begin with clean hands. Optionally, use coconut oil (a natural anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory) during stretches. Position the baby on your lap, with his or her feet pointed toward your knees and head toward your hips. We recommend making a fun game of it or singing as you perform stretches.
Perform the following stretches six times daily, no more than six hours apart for three weeks. Continue for one additional week, with decreasing frequency.
  1. Position your finger under the lip, then carefully raise it until you feel “bump” resistance. Move it gently in a sweeping motion from side to side. Perform five repetitions.
  2. Place both of your index fingers under the baby’s tongue and lift. Be careful not to move it backwards. Gently move the tongue upward as far as possible and hold for two full seconds.
  3. Use one index finger to lift and prop the tongue, while placing the other index finger in the center diamond-shaped area. Separate healing tissue with a side-to-side motion, sweeping upward.
  4. Encourage the infant to suck your finger. Once he or she latches, have a “tug-of-war” game. This helps build strength.
  5. Slowly move your finger along the baby’s gumline. The goal is for the baby to follow your finger with his or her tongue.

Follow-up treatment

Although complications are rare, it is important to have a follow-up examination and ensure that healing is trouble-free. Dr. Krizman believes in integrative medicine and a coordinated team approach. She will see your baby one week after the procedure for a check-up, and she advises seeing a lactation consultant prior to and after treatment.

Why choose Tucson Biological Dentistry

Dr. Krizman and her team strive to blend the benefits of advanced technology, biological dentistry, and patient-centric general dentistry. In addition to multiple degrees, board certification, and licensure, Dr. Krizman’s credentials include motherhood. With two breast-fed children, she fully understands the frustrations, pain, and concerns that accompany breastfeeding problems.
If you have concerns about tongue tie and lip tie, or if frenectomy was recommended by your lactation consultant or pediatrician, give us a call at 520-326-0082.

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