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Why You Should Choose Biomimetic Dentistry

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A   t Tucson Biological Dentistry in Tucson, Arizona, our number one goal is to save natural teeth, and we accomplish this by practicing biomimetic dentistry. Biomimetic means to mimic life, so we aim to keep the tooth as close to its natural structure as possible with biomimetic dentistry. If you are in the Tucson area and want to learn why you should choose a biomimetic dentist, we invite you to call our office to learn more about our services.

What is Biomimetic Dentistry?

Teeth are designed to last; in fact, they can even last hundreds of years after you die. Tooth decay is a severe problem that can impact the health of your mouth, so it’s essential to seek treatment that restores the teeth as firmly and naturally as possible.

Biomimetic dentistry is a method of restorative dentistry that repairs damaged or decayed teeth in a way that closely mimics the strength and esthetics of natural, healthy teeth.

A Conservative Approach to Restoration

A biomimetic dentist will use a conservative approach to restore the teeth when a tooth (or multiple teeth) becomes damaged due to decay or injury. Biomimetic restorations only replace what is necessary to preserve as many natural teeth as possible.

With traditional dentists, a filling is sometimes a temporary solution used while the patient waits for a dental crown. With a biomimetic dentist, depending on the amount of damage, the filling is often the final restoration. The filling is placed into the tooth in layers allowing it to bond deep within the tooth to preserve strength. Applying the filling in this step-by-step manner also cuts down on the shrinkage of the filling, which is one of the main reasons some fillings fail.

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Why You Should Choose a Biomimetic Dentist

The main benefit of using a biomimetic dentist is that you know they will conserve as much of the undamaged natural tooth as possible. When dental crowns are placed, the natural tooth structure must be reduced dramatically to allow the crown to fit properly. While dental crowns are advertised as strengthening the natural tooth, they require the natural tooth to be weakened before placement. Crowns are not the same as natural teeth and can be prone to breakage because the underlying tooth structure is weak and cannot withstand the stress and force of the bite.

If you would like to learn more about biomimetic dentistry in Tucson, Arizona, please call Tucson Biological Dentistry today at (520) 326-0082.


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