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Dentist in Tucson describes L-PRF treatment


PRF Treatment Tucson, PRF Treatment in Tucson
At Tucson Biological Dentistry, our skilled team of professionals believe in providing some of the latest, state-of-the-art services to improve the health and wellness of the smile and body. This includes treatment with L-PRF therapy for Tucson area patients.

What is L-PRF therapy?

L-PRF therapy is a way to speed healing. It uses special components of the blood such as leukocytes, growth factors, proteins, and platelets. They are used to heal hard and soft tissues within the mouth. This is best performed during tooth extractions and bone grafting. Utilizing this type of therapy can help in preservation of the socket and reduce the need for further treatment including root canal therapy with the revitalization of the dental pulp.

How is this done?

During a dental appointment, Dr. Jeanne Anne Krizman DMD MPH will draw a small amount of blood. This blood is then placed in a centrifuge which isolates the platelets and plasma. These are then introduced into the area of the surgical procedure to help with the stimulation of collagen production and facilitate faster healing. The entire process is done right in our dental practice and can reduce healing and recovery times for our patients.

Is this a new treatment?

Actually, no! L-PRF has been utilized in medical science for over twenty years, but it has more recently been introduced into dental treatments. It is biological, safe, and effective, making it a viable option for many of our patients.

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Learning about L-PRF therapy is the first step in deciding if it is right for you. Contact Tucson Biological Dentistry by calling (520) 326-0082 and speaking with our staff. We are located at 1601 N. Tucson Boulevard, Suite #35 in Tucson and are currently accepting new patients into our facility and look forward to meeting them.


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