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Tucson patients get relief for dental anxiety with NuCalm

Visiting the dentist’s office is rarely at the top of anyone’s “want to do” list. In fact, many patients feel anxious and nervous when they have a cleaning or dental treatment scheduled. However, if you dread the dentist so much that you’ve put off necessary treatment or preventative care, you should call the Tucson Biological Dentistry in Tucson, AZ.

Dr. Krizman understands that fear of the dentist can cause patients to delay or cancel appointments. She also knows that even the friendliest team and gentlest treatment won’t calm the fears of patients who have great anxiety, and many patients don’t want to be sedated in order to receive dental treatment. That is why Dr. Krizman offers her patients a way to relax during their office visits without the use of drugs.

NuCalm is a revolutionary relaxation method that helps guide the patient into a state of relaxation using topical creams, stimulation patches, noise reducing headphones, and an eye mask. Using this specific four-step method, the patient becomes naturally relaxed, similar to the feeling of falling asleep. It typically only takes five minutes until a patient releases their anxiety and the dental team can get to work.

Regardless of whether patients’ anxiety is caused by previous bad experiences or simply being uncomfortable having someone in their personal space, NuCalm can help ease those fears. It can be used for a single session, or for every visit. Patients often begin to notice additional benefits after several NuCalm sessions including better ability to manage stress, improved sleep, and an overall feeling of calm and relaxation.

Dental visits are an important and necessary step to achieving a healthy mouth and happy smile. Checkups provide a professional cleaning and give the dentist a chance to identify any potential problems. If you have a fear of the dentist that’s keeping you from making dental appointments, call us today to talk about the NuCalm relaxation method. Dr. Krizman and her team understand your concerns and will work hard to ensure that your visit is comfortable and anxiety-free.


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