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Biological dentist in Tucson AZ offers gentle and healthy dental extractions

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Dental Extraction in Tucson AZ area
Naturally, our first goal here at Tucson Biological Dentistry is to help you keep your natural teeth healthy, beautiful, and in place for life. With a variety of state-of-the-art restorative and cosmetic treatments, that goal is achievable more often than you might expect. However, sometimes it just isn’t possible, or not in the patient’s best interest. When dental extraction is necessary, Dr. Krizman takes steps to ensure patient comfort and hasten healing. She also offers a full range of tooth replacement options at her Tucson, AZ office.

Why tooth extraction may be needed

The most common reasons for performing extractions include:
  • Gum disease – This condition begins as an infection and inflammation of the gums. Gradually, inflamed tissue separates from the tooth root, allowing infection to spread deeper. If diagnosed in the early stages, it can be treated before teeth are endangered. In the advanced stages, it damages the root, bone, and periodontal ligament, essentially eroding the tooth’s foundation.
  • Tooth decay or injury – Procedures such as fillings, inlays, onlays, and dental crowns can restore most tooth damage. However, a deep cavity or fracture can expose nerves and other soft tissue (pulp) in the center of the tooth. If this happens, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms can enter the pulp chamber, causing infection. Due to the type of tissue and location, this type of infection can’t simply be “cleared up.” The only way to stop it is to remove the infected pulp or remove the entire tooth.
  • Impaction – An impacted tooth is one that doesn’t fully emerge. Part or all the crown (upper, normally visible portion of the tooth) develops below the gumline, where it crowds nerves, tooth roots, and other structures. Very often, the tooth must be extracted to treat or prevent infection, fractures, pain, and other problems. Impaction is common with wisdom teeth, because the jaw is fully developed by the time they emerge, and sometimes there just isn’t enough room.

About the procedure

Extractions are considered very routine dental procedures, but that doesn’t mean they are the same in every office. As a biological dentist and integrative medical doctor, Dr. Krizman takes a unique approach in her practice. She utilizes a variety of evidence-based, advanced, and natural techniques to optimize patient comfort and wellness. This includes ozone therapy to reduce infection, as well as L-PRF (Leukocyte-Platelet Rich Fibrin), which speeds healing.
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Prior to extraction, we use local anesthesia as needed to thoroughly numb the treatment area. We also understand that dental treatments such as extraction are stressful, and genuine patient comfort involves more than pain management. That is why we offer natural, drug-free relaxation options, such as essential oils and the renowned NuCalm system.

The steps of the procedure depend on the type of extraction that you need:
  • Simple extraction – This is commonly referred to as “pulling a tooth,” and that is exactly how most people envision it. However, in reality it is a quite gentle and efficient procedure, performed with precise technique rather than brute force. The tooth is carefully loosened, and then removed from the socket with strategically applied gentle force. Any infection is thoroughly cleaned out, and ozone therapy is applied.
  • Surgical extraction – Impacted teeth or those broken off at the gumline may need to be removed surgically, because there is not enough exposed structure for the dentist to work with. The procedure involves creating one or more tiny incisions in the gums, allowing access to the tooth. In some cases, a small amount of bone tissue also needs to be removed. Any infection is thoroughly cleaned out, and ozone therapy is applied.

Restoring your smile

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Tooth replacement is an important final step in the process, for the sake of health, functionality, and aesthetics. We offer a wide variety of options, to fit your budget, needs, and preferences. These include:
  • Dental implants – Usually referred to as the gold standard, dental implants mimic the form and function of a natural tooth. Dr. Krizman uses Z-Systems, nontoxic, nonmetal implants.
  • Removable partials – These appliances are easy to clean, and ideal for interim use, because they are not permanently attached.
  • Fixed bridges – This is a fast and economical long-term tooth replacement solution.

Can the tooth be saved?

With ever-advancing dental materials and technology, you might be surprised by how often we can restore diseased or damaged teeth. Because every situation is different, Dr. Krizman will need to perform an examination before explaining your options. If the tooth may be savable, she will discuss viable restorative procedures, their benefits, odds of success, and other important information so that you can make an informed decision. Call us at (520) 326-0082 and schedule a consultation to learn about your options.

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