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Finding a dentist for the whole family in Tucson, AZ

Family Dentist in Tucson AZ - Women With Health of MouthChoosing the right dentist for yourself, your spouse, and your children is a big decision. At different ages, you all have varied needs. You may need someone who can be gentle and comforting to your young child, yet offer straightforward and honest advice to the adults. Finding a dentist who can serve your entire family can be a challenge, but it also provides great benefits.

First, a family dentist can care for multiple generations. From your four-year-old to your mother, everyone in the family can visit the same office for regular cleanings and examinations. Your children can watch you visit the dentist, which helps to ease their fears or anxiety and sets a great example for proper dental care.

In addition to the benefit of having all family members visit the same office, you will also save time and money by scheduling all of the family visits the same day. That's less time off work for dental appointments, less gas, and a lot more convenience.

Choosing a family dentist means your children can keep the same dentist when they get older. They won't have to give up a pediatric dentist once they reach the cut-off age and establish a relationship with a new dentist as teenagers. Instead, they can continue with the same quality of care and with a dentist who knows their personal and family oral health histories. Additionally, their dental records stay in the same place.

Finally, the personal relationship with your dentist may be the greatest benefit of all. When a dentist cares for your entire family, you develop a relationship with the doctor and staff. This gives you the confidence and the ease to ask questions or raise concerns to be sure that you are not only getting the best care, but care that you trust, from a professional who respects and knows you.

If you think that a family dentist is right for you and the people you love, call Dr. Jeanne Krizman. Dr. Krizman and her team of professionals offer each patient – young, old, and everything in between – the individual attention and quality of care that they deserve. Call today to schedule a visit with our friendly staff.

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Family Dentist in Tucson AZ - Left QuoteI have received very good care by Dr. Krizman and her office for the many needs I have had in the last 6 months. I honestly do not know what I would have done had I not found her. I appreciate her biological/integrative approach to dentistry, her technical expertise, her kindness and that of her staff. She has gone out of her way to explain things thoroughly and given me clear options and additional help when I needed it. She is very detailed and careful in her work. I highly recommend her.Family Dentist in Tucson AZ - Right Quote
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