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Benefit from unique biological dental services, including the world's most powerful natural healer – ozone!

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Benefits of Dental Ozone in Tucson AZ area
Tucson Biological Dentistry lives up to its name. Led by Dr. Jeanne Anne Krizman, DMD MPH, we have an unwavering commitment to materials, services, and technologies that truly enhance the oral and overall health of our valued patients from across southern Arizona. Due to our careful vetting of all dental products and treatment options, Dr. Krizman and our team provide many services that are not available at other dentists' offices.

Notably, ozone is an underutilized adjunct for the treatment of many different conditions that adversely affect the health, appearance, and function of the teeth and supportive oral tissues.

Think you know ozone?

Many people put ozone in a negative light due to a negative phenomenon: the depletion of the ozone layer. The reality is ozone has a "cleansing" or "healing" effect by protecting us from the full effects of harmful radiation. The loss or depletion of the planet's ozone layer is the problem – not the ozone itself. In fact, just as ozone protects our ecosystems, its benefits as a "healer" in medical circles have been well-demonstrated. Its applications in medicine can be traced back to at least the late 19th century. Since it was first introduced to purify blood cells, ozone has been used as a therapy for everything from arthritis to allergies and cellulitis to sinusitis.

When precisely prepared and administered by trained biological providers like Dr. Krizman, ozone also provides predictable, safe, and powerful treatment of an array of dental conditions that threaten the health of the teeth, gums, and mouth. These applications include:

  • During regular hygiene appointments, ozone may be used to promote a healthy bacterial environment in the mouth (oral microbiome).
  • Due to its antimicrobial properties, ozone may be used to "prepare" the treatment site before restorative procedures.
  • Dental ozone presents an attractive alternative to chemicals and antibiotics (overuse and resistance) when disinfecting and sterilizing tissues.
  • Ozone's tissue healing and immunity-boosting capabilities may be harnessed to conservatively, gently, and non-invasively treat active gum disease and encourage natural reattachment of the gums to the teeth.
  • Ozone also supports the successful treatment of severe decay or infection affecting the innermost tooth structure (pulp tissue) and numerous other conditions ranging from heightened tooth sensitivity to canker sores.

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Patients appreciate that, while powerful, ozone can be applied painlessly with a "light touch." It may be used as a gas, rinse, or liquid (mixed with oils). Due to the nature of medical-grade ozone, treatment is highly targeted and precise. Only unhealthy cells and tissues are altered, while tissues outside the treatment site and healthy cells remain undisturbed.

To learn more about ozone's unique properties and how it can help you, contact Tucson Biological Dentistry today. Dr. Krizman's considerable knowledge and experience with oral conditions and dental treatments is just the tip of the iceberg; benefit from her extensive training in systemic health and wellness and whole-body, integrative treatment. Call (520) 326-0082 to schedule your consultation with her at our office, conveniently located on Tucson Boulevard near the University of Arizona.

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