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Find a holistic cosmetic dentist in Tucson, AZ

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Find a Holistic Cosmetic Dentist in Tucson, AZ Area
A beautiful smile can speak volumes, but not everyone is happy with the way their teeth look. Jeanne Anne Krizman DMD MPH is a cosmetic dentist committed to using biocompatible materials for every restoration for remarkable, healthy smiles. She offers a variety of options to address issues such as staining, gaps, crooked teeth, and more.

Replacing metal fillings

Most patients prefer to have a natural look to their smile after they have a cavity filled, but there are health concerns as well. Metal fillings are made from mercury amalgam, and many patients are concerned about the effects of long-term exposure. Dr. Krizman can safely remove the material from your mouth and replace it with biocompatible, tooth-colored composite fillings that are sturdy, non-toxic, and discreet.

Teeth whitening treatments

Habits like drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes can cause unsightly stains on your teeth. Still, our team can address these issues, often in a single appointment using medical-grade teeth whitening gel and a Fontana dental laser. The procedure is safer and more effective than over the counter options, and Dr. Krizman can educate you on the best ways to prevent further staining in the future. Our teeth whitening treatments can be scheduled along with your routine hygiene appointment for a fresher, brighter smile.

Cosmetic veneers

Some types of intrinsic staining or discoloration from worn enamel can’t be treated with professional whitening treatments. However, porcelain veneers can disguise stubborn staining and treat issues such as mildly crooked teeth, chips, and cracks, as well as uneven or misshapen teeth. Cosmetic veneers can last for 15 years or longer with proper care, and they can address a whole row of teeth in two appointments.

Replacing missing teeth

While missing teeth can make a big impact on your smile, they can also increase your risk of tooth decay and TMJ issues, as well as cause your teeth to shift and your jaw to shrink. Patients can choose between a dental bridge or tooth implants to address missing teeth, and Dr. Krizman will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each to help you decide what is best for you.

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What to expect from a cosmetic consultation?

If you are unhappy with the way your teeth look, Dr. Krizman will meet with you to discuss your concerns. She will go over all your treatment options with you to improve your smile and discuss the aspects you like so she can provide a restoration that preserves your unique qualities rather than taking a cookie-cutter approach. Our team is committed to using gentle, holistic approaches to your care, no matter the procedure, to improve your oral health and minimize the impact it has on your wellbeing.

Jeanne Anne Krizman DMD MPH is the only dentist in Tucson, AZ, certified as an Integrative Biological Dentist and she is committed to preserving your teeth as well as improving your overall health. Contact Tucson Biological Dentistry today at (520) 326-0082 to schedule an appointment and learn more about how we can improve your smile.

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