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Dental crowns are an affordable and effective way to restore and protect your teeth

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Affordable Dental Crowns in Tucson AZ Area
Did you know that the first use of dental crowns dates back to approximately 4,000 years ago? Fast forward to today, and dental crowns are still one of the most commonly used dental restorations because they can be used in a wide variety of scenarios to protect, restore, and improve the appearance of teeth. At Tucson Biological Dentistry, we provide Tucson, Arizona, area patients with high-quality, affordable dental crowns that look as great as they function.

Dental crowns explained

Dental crowns are often called “tooth caps” because that is precisely what they do – they serve as a “cap” for your tooth. These custom-designed restorations are placed on top of the tooth, covering all surfaces to protect it from bacterial infiltration and restore the tooth’s function. Before having a dental crown placed, the tooth is prepared, and dental impressions are taken so that your custom crown has a precision fit. Depending on the location of the tooth in your mouth, we may recommend an all-porcelain crown, a high-quality gold crown, or a crown that is made from porcelain fused to metal to enhance its strength.

Why we might recommend a dental crown

Chances are, you know many people who have had a dental crown placed at some point in their life. Dental crowns may be recommended in the following circumstances, among others:
  • To hold together pieces of a fractured tooth
  • To seal and restore the strength of a tooth after root canal therapy or a large amount of decay
  • To improve the cosmetic appearance of a tooth
  • To restore the shape and function of a badly worn-down tooth
  • To anchor a dental bridge in place
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In some cases, a full dental crown may not be necessary to restore a tooth, and a smaller restoration such as an inlay, onlay, or tooth-colored filling may be recommended instead. Our dentists thoroughly evaluate your oral health and recommend the most conservative option possible for your unique needs.

Your partners in oral health

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