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Dental crown and bridges treatment may be the perfect solution patients in Tucson

Dental patients like to believe that the adult teeth they get during childhood are permanent. Unlike baby teeth, these teeth don’t fall out after several years. However, they are not always permanent either. In some cases, accidents happen and a tooth can become broken or damaged. In others, a cavity goes unnoticed until the tooth becomes so badly damaged that a simple filling won’t fix it. Regardless of the reason for a damaged or missing tooth, Dr. Krizman knows that her patients in the Tucson area want it fixed quickly and effectively. Dental crown and bridges treatment may be the answer.
When a tooth is damaged, the patient wants it fixed so that it not only has full functionality but looks just like it did before it became damaged. In these cases, a dental crown is often used because it will protect the tooth from further damage, and is custom made to blend with surrounding dentition. A dental crown, typically made of porcelain, covers the entire visible surface of the tooth. The procedure typically takes two appointments. During the first, Dr. Krizman and her team take impressions and prepare the tooth for the crown. Those impressions are used to create the custom crown, which is then bonded to the tooth during the second appointment. Once the crown is in place, the patient can eat favorite foods, speak clearly, and smile confidently knowing he or she has a great smile.
If a tooth is extracted or lost accidentally, it is important to have it replaced quickly. Without replacing the tooth, the remaining teeth may shift out of their proper positions, leading to further oral health problems. The tooth can be replaced using an implant, partial denture, or a crown and bridge prosthetic. The bridge consists of two dental crowns placed on each side of the missing tooth, with a replacement tooth that “bridges” the gap. Just like dental crowns, the replacement tooth is custom made to match in shade and shape with the rest of the teeth. This gives patients smiles they are proud to show off.
For more information about crown and bridge procedures, call the office of Tucson Biological Dentistry today at 520-326-0082.


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