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Tucson biological dentist discusses dental crowns

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Dr. Krizman Jeanne at Tucson Biological Dentistry discusses dental crowns.
Dr. Jeanne Anne Krizman, DMD, MPH keeps patients in the Tucson area smiling with the safest available dental methods and materials that contribute to oral health as well as overall wellness. Dental crowns provide a great illustration of a conventional dental technique administered with a holistic approach.

About crowns

A crown is recommended to provide strength and protection to a tooth subject to root canal therapy, a large area of decay, or that has suffered trauma. To restore function and appearance of a missing tooth, a crown tops a dental implant, or two crowns anchor a dental bridge. A crown can also improve the aesthetics of a tooth with an odd shape, wear, or deep discoloration.

Historically, crowns were made of non-reactive metals such as stainless steel or gold. Porcelain fused to metal (PFM) was a big step forward in appearance. Today, most patients prefer the natural look of a durable, lustrous all-ceramic crown.

Getting a crown typically requires just two appointments. At the first, the tooth is prepared – areas of damage are removed and the structure is shaped to hold the crown. Impressions are taken and sent to a dental laboratory where the crown is fabricated. An interim restoration safeguards the tooth meanwhile. You return in about two weeks to have the temporary taken off and the new crown cemented into place.

Can dental crowns be replaced?

Absolutely! The high-quality materials and precise placement techniques used by Dr. Krizman typically result in a long lifespan. However, a crown may need to be replaced due to:
  • Trauma, such as a facial injury that damages the crown or underlying tooth.
  • Fracture from biting on a hard object.
  • Bruxism - nighttime teeth grinding and clenching.
  • Tooth decay beneath the crown.

In addition, some patients with metal or PFM crowns prefer to have them replaced for aesthetics. The existing crown can usually be removed with minimal risk of dental damage. The tooth may need a bit of reshaping, or repair if there is decay, before impressions are taken for a replacement.

Would you like to learn about Dr. Krizman’s biological approach to dental crowns? Call 520-326-0082 to schedule an appointment.

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