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Tucson dentist describes the benefits of porcelain crowns for the front teeth


Tucson dentist at Tucson Biological Dentistry describes the benefits of porcelain crowns for the front teeth
The smile is the first thing about a person others notice when they first meet an individual. It can make or break a personal connection, and can have an impact on interpersonal relationships in both one’s personal life and business life. However, imperfections such as breakage do not have to have a negative impact on one’s overall self-confidence. With porcelain crowns, Tucson, AZ area patients can achieve a more beautiful smile.

What are crowns?

Dr. Jeanne Krizman describes a dental crown as a porcelain “cap” that is custom-made for a patient and bonded over the top of a tooth. It is used as an extra layer of protection for a tooth that is broken or weak. This may be due to:
  • Trauma
  • Root canal therapy
  • Large cavities

Crowns are extremely strong and durable, and are used in many situations. It is important to work with a dental professional who can provide this and many other restorations for the front teeth or the teeth near the back of the mouth. In some instances, the front teeth may benefit from a simple porcelain veneer instead of a full crown, depending on which solution is the most conservative.

What is the process of obtaining a dental crown?

First, patients consult with their dentist to determine if this is the best restoration for their specific needs. Second, the patient schedules an appointment for preparations. This is the time during which the dentist removes a layer of the natural enamel and takes molds which are used to fabricate the final restoration. A temporary is placed while patients wait for their final restoration to come in from the dental laboratory, oftentimes within a week or two. A second appointment is made during which the restoration is bonded in place.

Patients in and around the area of Tucson, AZ who are ready to discuss the advantages of porcelain crowns for the teeth are welcome to book an appointment with Dr. Jeanne Krizman of Tucson Biological Dentistry by calling (520) 326-0082.


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