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Placement to restoration, Tucson biological dentistry “does it all,” every step of the dental implant process

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Dental Implant Restorations in Tucson in Tucson AZ area
Tooth replacement options at Tucson Biological Dentistry look, feel, and function like natural, healthy teeth. The difference between the advanced systems at our office and “conventional” tooth replacement is in the design. Dr. Jeanne Anne Krizman DMD MPH accounts for every part of the tooth, including the root when designing crowns, bridges, or dentures to replace a missing tooth or a mouthful of teeth. Furthermore, Dr. Krizman offers many services and capabilities in-house, which aren’t available at other practices. Dental implant restorations in Tucson represent just one part of the process of getting implant-supported teeth, and every step of that process is available at the dentist you’ve come to know and trust.

The dental implants difference

Dental implants are shaped like cylinders and made from a biocompatible material. “Bio” refers to “life.” So, the materials that Dr. Krizman uses at her office are compatible and support health and living tissues. In fact, when placed in the jaw, the implant becomes a part of the surrounding bone. It takes around three to four months for the bone to grow around the implant. Adequate osseointegration, as the process is called, allows for the implant to optimally support the crown – just like a “real” root holds a natural tooth in place.

Conventional options for tooth replacement aren’t connected to the rest of your mouth by way of implants joined to the bone in the jaw. Instead, traditional bridges are supported by neighboring teeth. To support the new tooth (or pontic), those neighbors (or abutments) must be crowned. Enamel from each abutment tooth is removed to make room for the crowns. The crowns and pontic are fused together and applied as one piece to the prepared teeth. Once placed the pontic “bridges” the space between the teeth.

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Conventional, removable dentures are designed to replicate gum tissue and teeth. The denture itself sits on top of the gums. These dentures are stabilized by natural suction or adhesives. So, proper fit is vital for comfort and healthy function. Since the jaw isn’t stimulated by functions like chewing food, bone loss occurs. This process alters the fit of dentures over time. The base of the denture will need to be relined or replaced. Bone loss also affects your appearance; when bone retreats, skin and muscle tissue doesn’t have the structure it needs. Tissues sag, resulting in an aged appearance.

Since dental implants “root” crowns, bridges, and dentures in the jaw, the challenges associated with conventional bridgework and denture appliances are eliminated. Neighboring, healthy teeth are preserved, and supportive bone stays strong, thanks to the force from activities (like grinding and biting food) being transferred from the teeth to the jaw.

The Tucson Biological Dentistry difference

The Tucson Biological Dentistry difference in Tucson AZ area
Many dentists in and around Tucson offer the “restoration” part of the implants process or the step when the crown, bridge, or denture is placed. Dr. Krizman has extensive experience, continuing education, and distinguished credentials to offer every aspect of the implant procedure, from bone grafting (to “build up” lost tissue at the treatment site) to the actual placement of the implant. Having all services under one roof adds to the convenience, lowers stress, and manages costs (you don’t have to go to a specialist!).

Dr. Krizman and her team distinguish themselves in other ways:
  • The power of choice – Implants placed at our office are made from medical-grade titanium or non-metal Zirconia. As a biological dental practice, we appreciate that some patients are sensitive or allergic to metals such as titanium. Zirconia is a risk-free option for those patients.
  • Biocompatibility testing – We verify that your unique chemistry is compatible with dental materials before they are placed in your mouth. The Clifford and MELISA tests require no more than a simple blood draw and assess sensitivity and responses to different dental materials, including titanium and gold.
  • Z-Systems Ceramic Implants – Proprietary Zirkolith implants are optimally tolerated by the gums and are white – just like natural and healthy teeth.
Discover the differences for yourself, with implants at Tucson Biological Dentistry. Call (520) 326-0082 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Krizman at our office on North Tucson Boulevard.

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