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Discover the benefits of zirconium dental implants treatment in Tucson, AZ

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Dental Implants Treatment in Tucson AZ area
The teeth, gums, and bone work together as a unit helping the oral cavity function properly. Damage to or the loss of a single piece disrupts the natural balance. Losing a tooth can cause the adjacent teeth to shift, bacteria to accumulate, or bone to deteriorate. Replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant mimics the structure of the tooth and maintains the health of the jawbone. In Tucson, AZ, Dr. Jeanne Anne Krizman DMD MPH offers tooth replacement treatment using biocompatible zirconium dental implants.

Purpose of a dental implant

Our teeth have roots, which sit below the gumline and are not visible and crowns, which sit noticeably above the gums. When a tooth is lost, many people think about only the visible portion, the crown. However, the root plays a crucial role in preserving the natural balance of the mouth. The root supports and ensures the stability of the dental crown. It bears the force of chewing. It also maintains the health of the jawbone. A dental implant replaces the root and mimics the same functions making the implant a sturdy replacement for a missing tooth.

Dental implants are titanium or ceramic posts that are precisely placed in the jaw in place of the missing tooth. Per patient request, before implant surgery, a biocompatibility test can be performed to ensure each patient has the appropriate type of implant. For a metal-free alternative, zirconium oxide implants are used. This material integrates better with the bone and gums improving the body’s healing and acceptance. Once healed, the result is the foundation of a sturdy, long-lasting dental restoration.

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Topped with ceramic crowns, dental implants appear and function like natural teeth. The implant is secured in the bone and provides the stability of a tooth root. It acts as and withstands the normal pressure of a tooth. Chewing and speaking are natural. The smile’s appearance is restored as well. By following good oral health habits, dental implants can last a lifetime.

Implants are versatile. Depending upon the patient’s needs and after discussing the options, dental implants may be used for a single tooth or multiple teeth. With implants in place, the teeth do not shift. The face maintains a more youthful appearance. The implants keep the bone healthy.

Zirconium implants

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For metal-free tooth replacement, Dr. Krizman offers FDA approved zirconium implants. These implants offer advanced designs that come in one or two-piece options. The styles mimic the natural structure of the tooth. The post portion is positioned in the jaw and sits below the gumline. The abutment secures a biocompatible restoration.

The dental implants are composed of a biocompatible zirconium oxide ceramic. The material integrates into the jawbone without irritating the mouth or causing adverse side effects. The ceramic material is safe. In comparison to titanium, zirconium implants, accumulate little plaque which can cause gum disease.

In terms of appearance, the ceramic material is white, so it closely matches a natural tooth. If patients have gums that are thin or receding, the implant may show through the gums. In these cases, the implant appears to be part of the tooth.

Benefits of zirconium implants

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Titanium implants have been used for years. Some patients tolerate titanium without issues. However, there are others who have negative side effects. Zirconium implants have brought about many esthetic, functional, and safety benefits.
  • Biocompatible - The body accepts the ceramic implant without issues. The bone and gums integrate more naturally with the ceramic material.
  • Sustainable - With proper care, these implants are a lasting solution. Minimal plaque builds up on the implant. This reduces the risk of additional health problems including cardiovascular disease.
  • Appearance - The ceramic material is white and appears to be natural tooth enamel. This eliminates the concerns of unnatural gray shadows showing through the gums.
  • Safe - Zirconium implants are metal-free. The safe material does not conduct electricity or heat. The immune system is not compromised and there are no negative side effects.
  • Durable - Ceramic implants function like natural teeth.
  • Successful - These implants are highly successful. Proper oral hygiene preserves dental implants keeping them healthy for a lifetime.
Dental implants are a treatment option for permanent tooth replacement. Contact our Tucson, AZ office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jeanne Anne Krizman DMD MPH. Call (520) 326-0082.

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