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Tucson patients can enjoy implant dentistry at Tucson Biological Dentistry


Implant Dentistry from Dr. Jeanne Anne Krizman DMD MPH, Tucson Biological Dentistry
Implant dentistry is a technique in which the dentist places and restores dental implants. Tucson area patients are welcome to visit Tucson Biological Dentistry to discuss the benefits of dental implants and decide if they are appropriate for them.

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is a tooth root replacement. They are placed into the bone of the jaw. Bone growth around the implant occurs through osseointegration after placement. This solidifies the implant into the bone and gives it the stability it needs to function as a natural tooth root once did. The dentist will restore the implant with a crown, bridge, or denture depending on specific needs of each patient.

Who is a candidate?

To have dental implants placed, patients must have enough bone structure to support the restoration. Without enough bone, the implant placement may fail and patients may need to consider alternative options. Another way to have implants placed with insufficient bone is to be referred to a professional for bone grafting. Bone grafting is the process of building up the bone in the jaw to prepare it for the placement of dental implants. This is safe, effective, and gives patients the opportunity to improve their smiles with dental implant restorations.

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Dr. Jeanne Anne Krizman of Tucson Biological Dentistry is excited to work with new and existing patients and families in her cutting edge dental facility. She invites patients to schedule an appointment with her to discuss the many ways of replacing missing teeth, including the advantages of using dental implants. Contact her practice today by phone at (520) 326-0082 or with a personal visit to 1601 N. Tucson Boulevard, Suite #35. Whether you decide on implant dentistry or an alternative, she can walk you through the process of restoring the functionality of your smile!


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