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Advantages of dental implants in Tucson, AZ

A dental implant is a replacement tooth root that is used when a tooth is missing. This alternative to bridgework or dentures provide patients with a permanent option that looks and feels natural. The procedure involves a very small titanium rod being inserted into the jawbone. Once it has healed and is secure, a replacement tooth, or crown, is attached.

Dr. Jeanne Anne Krizman, a respected integrative biological dentist in Tucson, AZ, helps her patients find the right tooth replacement option. She understands that each patient must consider different factors, but the natural appearance of the implant and crown is a strong advantage for many of her patients. In addition to improving appearance, here are a few additional benefits that dental implants offer:

Improved speech: Dental implants do not slip like dentures. Your speech with an implant will be clear and crisp, just like speaking with your natural teeth.

Easier eating: Together, dental implants and the replacement teeth will function just like your natural teeth. You can use them to bite and chew without worrying that they will slip or get food particles stuck underneath them.

Good oral health: Other procedures, such as bridges, require removing a small amount of enamel from nearby teeth. However, with implants, the surrounding teeth are left alone, improving the long-term health of your mouth. Additionally, the implant and replacement tooth keep the remaining teeth in their proper position. Without a replacement, the teeth will begin to slip out of place and can cause future oral health problems.

Long-lasting: Dental implants are strong and durable and should last for many years. In fact, for most patients who practice good oral care, implants last their entire life.

The dental implant process requires a few visits to the dentist’s office; however, most patients say that it is relatively pain free. Patients can receive local anesthesia during the procedure and any remaining soreness afterwards can be treated with over-the-counter pain medication. Additionally, care of the implant is just like caring for your natural teeth. Regular brushing and flossing to keep the implant and surrounding gum tissue clean, regular visits to your dentist and avoiding bad habits like chewing on hard items and the use of tobacco and caffeine products will keep your implant, and your remaining teeth, strong and intact.

If you’re ready to improve your smile with dental implants call us today.


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