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Safe Removal of Mercury Amalgam Fillings: How we go above and beyond to support the health of our patients, the communities we serve

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Safe Mercury Removal Dentist in Tucson AZ Area
At Tucson Biological Dentistry, Dr. Jeanne Anne Krizman, DMD MPH, goes above and beyond the minimum regulatory requirements to ensure her patients’ health and safety and be a truly responsible neighbor, community, and environmental steward. This fundamental attribute of her practice, which proudly serves the Arizona Sun Corridor, really shines when exploring Dr. Krizman’s approaches to mercury amalgam.

Safe removal of mercury amalgam

As a true biological dentist, Dr. Krizman and her team represent both a “mercury-free” and a “mercury-safe” dental practice.

Mercury is present in conventional dental materials, including amalgam. This material is a blend of metals such as copper, tin, zinc, and silver. Mercury is used to bind these metal alloys together. Traditionally, it represented a more affordable alternative to restorations made from gold.

Amalgam has commonly been used in dental fillings to repair cavities. They are often referred to as “silver” fillings because of their color. Biological dentists do not place these fillings due to the health concerns associated with mercury being released daily in the body’s tissues and systems, where this known toxin accumulates.

Additionally, Dr. Krizman abides by stringent protocols and safeguards in removing amalgam fillings that contain mercury. Due to the conventional techniques used to drill out and remove these fillings, there is a risk of mercury exposure during the process. Mercury may be released as small particles and vapor.

We abide by the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology’s SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) protocol, which includes the following safeguards:
  • The use of a high-speed suction device (such as our IGAir Dental HG FlexVac™) to rapidly remove fine particulate matter from the mouth, thereby preventing the patient from inhaling and absorbing mercury
  • The introduction of an ionizer (we use the TACT-AIR 10-8) to capture the vapor that is generated during the filling removal process
  • Application of protective dams, sheets, and high-volume evacuation “clean-up” to minimize the risk of mercury particles coming in contact with the skin, eyes, and other parts of the mouth and face
  • Full-body protective garments for both patients and dental staff
  • Supplemental medical-grade oxygen, which further reduces the risk of particulate matter being inhaled by the patient
  • Installation of the high-performance M.A.R.S. Bio-Med LibertyBOSS® sedimentation and filtration system to keep our waterways and environment safe from the effects of amalgam fragments produced during the clean-up and disposal of these fillings
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In addition to the above investments and training on these techniques, Dr. Krizman has also invested in the Huggins-Grube Protocol. This system also helps to support utmost patient and public safety and health by promoting enhanced immune recovery.

A primary tenant of the protocol is the completion of full dental revisions, with the (safe) removal of all toxic materials. These materials are replaced with biocompatible ones that are both healthy and cosmetic. Steps include incorporating Vitamin C and tailored supplementation and testing for mercury and heavy metals before and after the filling removal process.

To experience how we go above and beyond for the health of our patients, team, and the communities we serve in Southern AZ, schedule a visit to Tucson Biological Dentistry today. Our team welcomes your call at (520) 326-0082, and we look forward to meeting you.

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