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Understanding the toxicity of amalgam fillings and alternative options in Tucson

Finding out that you have a cavity can be disappointing and a little bit scary. Most adult patients in Tucson, AZ understand the process of filling a cavity. They expect the local anesthetic, the sound of the drill, the filling process, and the numb feeling of their mouth for a few hours following the procedure. What many patients don’t understand, however, is that they have a choice when it comes to what type of filling is used.
In the past, metal or amalgam fillings were most common. These fillings were effective and thought to be extremely durable. However, in recent years, the metal fillings have come under fire because they are often made with mercury, a substance found to be dangerous to humans. Mercury toxicity has been directly linked to certain medical disorders such as diabetes, disorders of the kidneys, immune system, and brain. To that end, many dentists have begun to offer fillings made out of a composite material.
Dr. Jeanne Anne Krizman of Tucson Biological Dentistry not only offers mercury-free dental fillings, she is completely committed to only using safe materials in dental treatments. Mercury-free fillings offer several advantages over their metal counterparts:
  • The composite filings are tooth colored. Instead of opening your mouth to see dark metal fillings in your teeth, metal-free fillings are made of a tooth colored material. The filling blends in almost seamlessly with the tooth, making the filling almost invisible.
  • Metal-free fillings are durable. The fillings have been found to be long-lasting and strong. With proper dental care the filling should last a lifetime.
  • With composite fillings there is no risk of toxicity. Many patients are concerned about the level of mercury in metal fillings, while others aren’t sure what to believe. With composite fillings, there is no need to be concerned or worried. The materials are completely safe.
If you already have metal fillings and are worried about your exposure to mercury, you can rest easy knowing that Dr. Krizman is trained and experienced in removing the metal fillings by following standard and safe protocols. For more information about the advantages of mercury-free fillings or on metal filling removal, call the Tucson Biological Dentistry office to schedule a consultation.


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