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A smarter way to remove mercury amalgam fillings: How we protect patients, staff, and the planet

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Safe Removal of Amalgam Fillings in Tucson AZ Area
As your “home” for exceptional biological dentistry services in Tucson, Arizona, you can trust that the materials, technologies, and techniques used to complete you or your family member’s procedure are safe and enhance the health of the mouth, body, mind, and spirit.

Led by Dr. Jeanne Anne Krizman DMD, MPH, Tucson Biological Dentistry is a proud mercury-free and mercury-safe dental provider.

Our team:
  • Refrains from using silver-colored metal amalgam fillings that contain mercury, which makes us mercury-free
  • Is trained and equipped on techniques for the safe removal of mercury fillings, which makes us mercury-safe
Some practices continue to place fillings that contain mercury, a known toxin. Other dentists may only place non-metal, mercury-free fillings; but have not invested in the safeguards to minimize the release of mercury during the filling removal process. We have invested in a range of precautions outlined by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicologists, like the SMART protocol to support a “Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique.”

A Note on Mercury Exposure

Mercury is released and accumulates in the body via amalgam fillings causing various ill health effects. The IAOMT has isolated more than 200 conditions and ailments associated with mercury amalgam exposure, from digestive illnesses to mood disorders.

Mercury may also be released during the process of removing amalgam fillings. It is released into the environment as vapors or particulate matter. Conventional disposal techniques also threaten the health of our communities, wildlife, and the planet, as mercury can enter our waterways.

A smarter approach

As authentic biological practitioners and responsible community and environmental stewards, Tucson Biological Dentistry takes the removal of restorations that contain mercury very seriously. Dr. Jeanne Anne Krizman, DMD, MPH, is among the select few Arizona providers accredited by the IAOMT. Additionally, she has successfully completed the Hal Huggins Protocol Training Program, designed to aid detoxification and healing. Patients can have considerable peace of mind that their health is in good hands.

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We’ve isolated a few precautions as follows:
  • We “prepare” the patient with a protocol of Vitamin C to promote healthy immune system function and healing
  • Products such as ozonated water and an activated charcoal oral rinse are also introduced, which minimize mercury particles and dust and prevent the absorption of mercury into bodily tissues
  • Investments in specialized air filtration devices and other equipment help to prevent mercury from being inhaled as the filling is removed and also support safe and thorough clean-up and capture of mercury byproducts, including vapor
  • Protective garments and supplies prevent debris splatter
  • We also offer detoxification programs such as mercury and heavy metals testing before and after your procedure to track and monitor your health optimally
  • We invest in a top-of-the-line sedimentation/filtration system that effectively prevents mercury from making its way into our environment and beyond the four walls of our clinic
To find out more about our safe approach to removing mercury fillings or to schedule a visit, call Tucson Biological Dentistry at (520) 326-0082. Or, you can contact us from this website.

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