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Tucson, AZ, dentist discusses the safe removal of mercury fillings

Safe Removal Of Mercury Fillings Tucson AZ - Women With Health of MouthDr. Jeanne Krizman is a respected dentist in Tucson, AZ, who believes that the health of your mouth can directly affect the health of your body and your overall wellness. It is this belief that drives her commitment to only using safe materials and only performing treatments that are necessary.

Dental amalgams are metal fillings that have been commonly used for many years to fill cavities. The material is used because of its strength and longevity and it is cheap. If you open your mouth and see dark or silver fillings, it is likely that they are amalgam fillings.

In recent years, amalgam fillings have received criticism because they contain up to 50 percent mercury. Mercury has a high level of toxicity, which can lead to medical conditions such as anxiety, loss of memory, headache, extreme fatigue, inability to sleep, and irritability. While there are trace amounts of mercury throughout our environment, the mercury releases are shown to increase when the filling is heated – such as during brushing or when chewing.

Patients who are concerned about their exposure to mercury should be sure to ask for future fillings that are made of composite resin instead of metal. Not only are these fillings safe, they are tooth colored and nearly impossible to detect once they're placed.

Metal fillings that are already in place can be removed, but it requires an important conversation with your dentist. First, drilling the filling to remove it creates some risk of exposure to mercury. If your metal filling is beginning to wear or chip, or if you're otherwise concerned about the medical risks of the metal fillings, call us. Dr. Krizman can remove the fillings following a strict protocol that includes use of oxygen, protection of the rest of your mouth from the mercury filling, air filtration, and proper disposal so that the mercury doesn't end up back in the environment.

For more information about amalgam fillings or having a filling removed, call the Tucson Biological Dentistry office today.

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